Our People

Juliette Collier

National Director

Juliette leads on our family and community learning activities and parental engagement work in schools, as well as co-directing the Campaign with Julia. She is a powerful and passionate advocate for the use of family learning approaches in developing motivation and confidence for learning for people of all ages, and for the importance of family learning in developing different and complimentary skills and knowledge to formal education. Juliette co-ordinates our large scale research projects which aim to show the impact of family learning and parental engagement on a range of outcomes for both children and adults.

Contact Juliette: [email protected] 

John Beattie

Deputy Director (Families)

John is Deputy Director with responsibility for Campaign for Learning’s Families activity. John leads the Family Learning Festival, as well as development of a new Virtual Centre for Family Learning.

John has a background in learning, marketing and communications across the education, museum and arts sectors. John is a dedicated advocate for social justice and an ardent believer in the importance of inter-generational and lifelong learning. His extensive experience of managing projects and programmes for children, young people, families and schools includes work exploring literacy, storytelling, museum collections, STEM, gender, socio-economic backgrounds, wellbeing, grief and loss.

Contact John: [email protected]

Julia Wright

National Director

Julia leads on our policy activities and our work with employers and workplaces, as well as co-directing the Campaign with Juliette. She co-ordinates the Campaign's policy seminar and events programme and is responsible for commissioning and publishing our policy reports. Julia is passionate about using creative and collaborative approaches to building learning cultures at work and engaging people in learning. She leads on the Campaign's Learning at Work Week.

Contact Julia: [email protected]

Gurpreet Keila

Deputy Director (Projects)

Gurpreet is Deputy Director with responsibility for projects. She manages and develops projects and programmes and builds partnerships. 

Gurpreet has a background in project management, marketing and fundraising across the education and health sectors. 

Contact: [email protected] 

Mark Corney 

Senior Policy Adviser 

Mark Corney is the Senior Policy Adviser at the Campaign for Learning. He specialises in post-16 education, skills and labour market policies.

Mark has a B.sc in Economics and a M.Phil in Economics and Politics from Queen Mary College, University of London.

Contact Mark: [email protected]

Reb Robb 

Campaigns and Admin Assistant

Reb is the Campaigns and Admin Assistant for Campaign for Learning. They work closely with the team to support our wide range activities including first class learning projects, programs, events and campaigns including our flagship events Learning at Work Week and the Family Learning Festival.

Reb has a background in careers advice and further education, as well as a vested interest in family learning. They are an advocate for advancing the use of technology in learning and have undertaken research exploring the benefits of using virtual and augmented reality in education and family learning.

Contact Reb: [email protected]