Revolutionary Forces - Shaping the Post-16 White Paper

Campaign for Learning and NCFE launches today its new pamphlet Revolutionary Forces - Shaping the Post-16 White Paper

The pamphlet is a collection of articles by leading thinkers from the FE sector, labour market economics, employment and mental health. It has been commissioned to identify the significant forces affecting the economy and society that will shape the post-16 education and training system and to which the system will need to respond. 

Some of these shifts are long-term, but others like Covid-19 rapid. Brexit will reshape the economy. Automation, flexible labour market and longer working lives are changing the nature of jobs and employment. Demographic shifts mean more 18 to 24 year olds will need education opportunities and employment in the 2020s.

A post-16 white paper is expected in the Autumn. The pamphlet's experts set out the issues that need to be considered by policy makers to create a flexible system that can respond to the immediate needs of employers, adults and young people as a result of the Covid-19 economic shock; and improve the post-16 system so it can play an active role in Britain's longer term recovery.

Contributors and articles:

  • David Laws, Education Policy Institute on Covid-19: Mending the Economy, Repairing the Public Finances
  • Paul Nowak, TUC on The Covid-19 Inheritance: Building a Fairer and Greener Economy
  • Ewart Keep, University of Oxford on Covid-19 and Brexit: The Impact on Industry, Jobs and Skills
  • Duncan Brown, Emsi on Declining Sectors and Growing Sectors Post Covid-19
  • Kathleen Henehan, Resolution Foundation on Low Pay, Flexi-Jobs and Skills-Based Immigration
  • Andy Durman, Emsi on Automation, Covid-19 and the Future of Jobs
  • Stephen Evans, Learning and Work Institute on Looming Mass Unemployment
  • Julian Gravatt, Association of Colleges on The Demographic Upswing: More 16-24 Year Olds
  • Lucy Thorpe, Mental Health Foundation on Mental Health: An Alert to the Post-16 Education World
  • Susan Pember, HOLEX on Lockdown: Boredom or Freedom?
  • Michael Lemin, NCFE on Key Themes for the Post-16 White Paper

Read the paper here