Quick Idea Generator

Take part with our five steps!

Whether it's a 10 minute session, a lunchtime activity, an afternoon of learning or more – use our steps and quick idea generator below to create an impact!

Step 1: Sign up to the newsletter (and get specials offers for learning straight to your inbox)
Our regular newsletters will give you ideas and inspiration plus special offers with free learning opportunities from partners. If you don’t have time to run your own sessions, check out offers from us and our national activity partners. To get these straight to your inbox, sign up for our newsletter.

Step 2: Create great activities with the LAW Week theme
Use our national theme to create your Learning at Work Week activities. Here we use our 2024 theme: 'Learning Power' which has three strands: 
Power to grow  - create opportunities which provide the key building blocks for lifelong learning, builds positive mindsets for learning, and help support life and work goals.
Power to connect  - create opportunities which bring people and organisations together to share and learn, including about processes and perspectives from outside our normal working and business lives.
Power to engage - create opportunities which explore global shifts and what these mean for life and work, and promote learning that supports positive responses, engagement and action.


Step 3: Need + theme = activity!
Try this simple idea generator below to build activities with impact.
First, identify a need in your organisation, add a national theme strand and create an activity that reflects both.
Shape them for different audiences in your workplace. Here are some examples. Need + theme strand = activity


Step 4: Add to your Week 

Add extra activities to your week with ideas from our activities page and check our national activities and special offers. Look for inspiration from our recent impact award winners and our planning page. 


Step 5: Use the power of image 

Use our free LAW Week graphics and banners on your digital sites and communications.

Create a branded landing page with all your Learning at Work Week activities. Let us know your plans nearer LAW Week and with your permission we'd love to highlight them.  

Visit the Learning at Work Week website for more ideas and resources.