Events around the country

Be inspired by what happened around the country for LAW Week 2023!


We’ll be taking a ‘Read, Watch, Listen & Do’ approach to our campaign, this means you can expect to see Daily Wake Up videos - bitesize doses of morning motivation, Spotlight podcasts - 10-15 minute podcasts with our colleagues, Daily virtual live events - ran by colleagues, for colleagues, and Daily 5 minute articles to read. We really want to give our colleagues the choice to learn what when they want and at a time that suits them. We’re all about making it easier for them to be brilliant, through a mix of user generated content and social learning campaign tactics.




Create the Future is a fantastic theme for our employees to look at lifelong learning, and ambitions & to see what the next steps in learning are for them.   We have 24 events happening throughout the week so there is something for everyone here at easyJet. We have a mixture of internal and external speakers who will cover a range of topics throughout the week!   This is a combination of virtual and on-demand learning allowing for all our employees to join in on this week. We will be learning, collaborating, and having fun! 


During Learning at Work Week, we'll be providing all staff with opportunities to explore themes of sustainability, development and creativity. We have a mixture of live and on-demand activities to take part in, including workshops, podcasts and a special mystery session! 


We’re running colleague learning sessions to highlight different routes to development, including coaching, apprenticeships and mentoring, plus ‘self-service’ resources like OpenLearn and our recognised trade union’s suite of training.  In addition, we’re supporting managers with dedicated sessions to help them initiate and facilitate formal and informal learning conversations with team members.  We have a dedicated ‘Grow and Develop Me’ digital space to share quizzes, resources and recommendations to support, inspire and share the joy of learning, and this will be dedicated to Learning at Work Week 15-19 May.


Welcome to Coach-Ella!  Our L&D Team have created a bespoke learning festival, consisting of different festival areas to support Career and Wellbeing goals. There are areas for; Live Session Arena, Campsite Cinema, Podcast Pioneers, Learning Playlist Party, Competition Corner, LAWW on Tour, Get Social and Toilets. Each area has its own information & events on learning for colleagues to engage with throughout Learning at Work Week. Throughout the festival we have a number of sessions running, as well as promotional roadshows, vision boards, podcasts, videos, daily mindfulness tips and learner created content. We want to encourage our people to embrace learning and consider what how they create the future they want for themselves. 



At Castle Trust Bank (CTB), we are planning on re-igniting our use of our Colleague Development Pack which was created to support and develop every individual. We are delivering three sessions on Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, Wellbeing, Developing Yourself and Others and Self-Awareness to help our colleagues develop their skills. CTB will ensure colleagues have time to reflect, discuss and share their learning with one another and will encourage colleagues to collaborate with new people and build connections throughout the company. A competition has also been created to encourage our colleagues to share their stories on how they have used the information from the sessions to help their teams with new well-being activities. 


During Learning at Work Week, our primary objective is to help our staff achieve their personal and professional goals. To achieve this, we have a range of sessions planned throughout the week, each with a unique focus. Our talented in-house staff will lead interactive workshops on public speaking, negotiation, and problem-solving. Additionally, two female leaders within our organisation will facilitate an open session where employees can discuss their work-life balance and career objectives over lunch. We will also provide Media 101 sessions to help our staff understand how other teams work and collaborate. As part of the week, we have invited external guests, including Peter Field, Tia Castagno, and MindApple, to provide diverse perspectives that will benefit everyone's professional development. To wrap up the week on a fun note, we have arranged a cocktail-making class! 


We are delivering a range of activities both work and non-work related. Teams will be sharing what they do. We will have team building activities and individuals sharing their experiences and skills.  We have people with 49 different nationalities working here, so we will be celebrating the nations of Diamond . Employees are invited to make a favourite national dish, share a recipe and use our interactive country facts activity. Every year we run a competition and this year it is a photo caption competition.



It’s Learning at Work Week – a great time to remind all our team members that learning can be fun with lots of opportunity to grow skills, feel more confident and flourish in their roles.

Our learning and development programme offers face to face and online learning from new and improved skills based courses, to virtual learning experiences and personal development opportunities. What’s more we have now partnered with The Skills Network to offer a wide range of fully funded online courses and qualifications across England and Scotland that can be accessed and completed at the place, pace and a time that is best for each person.

Four Seasons – using Learning at Work week to help our people  discover all the great themes, resources and workshops especially made for them.



We’ve created a programme of seven virtual events for our employees at West Midlands Combined Authority for Learning at Work Week. Sessions focus on wellbeing in the workplace, with sessions including overcoming imposter syndrome (aptly named ‘We’re all Winging it!’), money and mental health, and disrupting digital burnout. On top of that, our Executive Director for Transport West Midlands will be inspiring senior leaders of the future with her career journey. We’ll also be celebrating inspiring individuals in the West Midlands who have transformed their career prospects through learning at our inaugural Adult Learning Awards on 18 May. The awards also champion organisations who have used training to upskill their staff and recruit people from diverse backgrounds, as well as training providers who have used innovative ways of engaging people in learning. Follow the winners on our social media this week #WMALA


During Learning at Work Week the RNLI is embracing the theme of 'Create the Future' by inviting colleagues to share work they are progressing across the organisation under this theme. Internally led webinars range from 'The art of the foresight', 'Changing perceptions of reality', 'Empathy Mapping to understand key audiences', 'Comm-fused to communication heaven', 'Data Hackathons' and 'Making future meetings more effective'. Teams are being encouraged to share their skills and talents and our L&D team will be using internal social media platforms to share links to cost-neutral learning and signposting to internal resources, including Team Toolkits, our Dynamic People Manager programme and Manager Essentials. 



We'll be covering 23 different topics from the rewilding of the Broughton estate where we're based to Finance for Non-Financial People, our second most popular course! Our CEO and Design Director will be kicking off the week live from China, where we’ll see the innovations are factories are developing. We asked all our employees the subjects and skills they'd like to see covered during LAWW. We've a range of requests from improving technical skills to design knowledge, cultural awareness to budgeting, all to understand what learning is available to them.  


British Airways

We're thrilled to launch #learningatworkweek at British Airways. There are many ways for colleagues to get involved, including:
- Videos and online content to embrace lifelong learning 
- Digital toolkit for leaders to support team conversations
- Free trials for all colleagues
- Launching our new BA Book and Podcast Club - tell us what you love!
- Learning feedback form to help us shape the future of learning
- LAWW Fair on Wednesday 17th in our Waterside HQ with stalls to visit, games to play, prizes to win and live talks by Meta and Amazon to sign up to!


During Learning at Work Week, we will be sharing career stories in podcast format to share how colleagues have progressed in their careers at Alcumus. We are running global events across a wide range of topics - including wellbeing, change management, our products, and solutions, first aid and line manager capability - delivered face to face and virtually. Our learning stalls will showcase all the learning available for our people, and these are hosted in person with cake & free breakfast rolls, and online for those who are unable to attend. Our week will also launch initiatives to give back to our local community as part of our company "giving day" scheme. And we will finish the week with learning awards, celebrating inspirational colleagues who have engaged in learning to build their future. 


At Metricell we love to learn. We encourage staff to embrace the week and our sessions are designed to enrich everyone’s learning within the organisation. We love bringing in external hosts as well as showcasing our own staff’s knowledge and skills. The week is well received and enjoyed both locally and internationally using a selection of in-office, remote and hybrid sessions. This is our 4th year running the week and this time we are using this year’s theme ‘Create the Future’ alongside our company values – Community, Pride and Innovation. Our sessions include a History of Henna talk and workshop hosted by our colleague Shaheen; a Household Budget Support session with our charity partner Horsham Matters, Emergency First Aid with St John’s Ambulance, and a Spanish learning session delivered by our Spanish colleagues. We are also running a workshop to generate ideas to implement and help towards our goal of becoming a Net Zero company. We aim to finish off the week with a relaxed Friday to help employees come together and get to know each other better through team-building activities and casino afternoon where people can win some prizes!


We are thrilled to be taking part in Learning at Work Week again. We have a line-up of events throughout the week including a: 

  • Coaching and Mentoring Surgery
  • Personal Impact Podcast
  • Storytelling for Business Taster
  • Managing Difficult Conversations and Feedback Taster 
  • Mental Health Webinar 


Focusing on the theme of 'Create the Future' we are taking the learning to where the learners are this year both physically and virtually.  Our key focus is on three areas; Life Skills, Improving the Knowledge of the allpay team and Networking. As many of our interventions as possible will be delivered through gamification.    


At Wilson James, we are embedding the theme of 'Create the Future' by focusing on our digital and data agenda, through introducing a supplementary theme of 'Creating a Data Driven WJ'. We envisage a future where data is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to becoming a truly data driven organisation, using cutting-edge technology and analytics to unlock insights that help us make smarter decisions, deliver better outcomes, and create greater value for our customers.  We see this Learning at Work Week as a great opportunity to focus on 'Creating a Data Driven WJ', where we have a range of exciting learning activities planned. Our teams are invited to get involved in LAWW through:  

  • Attending one of our live daily Data Discovery webinars, including talks on the rise of AI and Chat GPT, and taster sessions on using data in everyday business.  
  • Taking part in our Daily Detective challenge to see if they can crack the code!  
  • Finding out how they can invest in their personal development through data apprenticeships, and we will be closing the week with the launch of our WJ Business Cloud!  
  • We are looking forward to driving this theme in what is set to be a very exciting week.



Saha will be celebrating Learning at Work Week by hosting a range of online bitesize learning and activities for all staff to either learn something new, to refresh their skills or to feel inspired! This is an opportunity for all our staff to connect through learning. 


Leaderful Action will be offering free online webinars across the week as well as free face-to-face sessions for companies in our local area to add to their LAWW offering. Internally, we will be holding Learning Events for our small team and sharing learning on social.


We are an experienced training provider hosting a free one-hour webinar on 'Brilliance at Resilience' at 2.30pm on Wednesday 17th May. We are hoping to support as many people as possible with knowledge and techniques they can use to prepare for future challenges and changes and welcome all registrations.


Bristol City Council's Employment Support Team are hosting a Job Fair in Cabot Circus on Tuesday 16th May 10am-2pm during Learning at Work Week.  They will have 40 + employers from a wide range of sectors, all with jobs available throughout the Bristol area. Employers will be ready to fill their vacancies so come ready to impress!  This event will be a great way to speak with potential employers face-to-face. You will have the opportunity to collect information on employers, register your interest in any jobs advertised, ask the employers questions or even have a mini-interview on the day.  Find out more



We are hosting a free online training session on May 17th called 'Sustainability Leadership: What is it and how do we develop it?’ All sectors are recognising their responsibility to contribute to sustainable development, but what does a sustainability leader look like? What skills do we need to achieve a sustainable future? How can we apply our own experiences to broaden our influence in creating change? We will answer these questions and explore core concepts to help participants identify and develop the knowledge, skills and values to transform their approach and impact to Create the Future, sustainably. Register here.


Cardiff University CPD Unit are hosting two free webinars, led by academics from Cardiff University. 

‘Creatives mean business: The growth and development of the UK's creative economy and why it matters to all businesses’ with Professor Sara Pepper on Wed 17 May and ‘The future of storytelling in the workplace’ with Professor Sarah Hurlow on Thursday 18 May 

Both webinars are from 10 to 11am and are free to attend but you need to register. More information and how to register


The UKVI with the Home Office is planning a Learning at Work Week that will provide online lunch and learn sessions so they are available for colleagues based all over the UK. 


Thales is incorporating Mental Health Awareness Week which runs at the same time as LAWW. This year the focus for Learning at Work Week is Create the future. During the 15th to 22nd May we will be running virtual sessions to explore how lifelong learning at work can help us all personally and collectively create our futures from achieving life and work goals, to shaping our lives, communities and the world, to driving innovation and achieving organisational ambitions.   Employees will hear from speakers about how we need to be future fit to ensure we have a good foundation for a future in which we will be living and working longer, especially in this fast-paced world we live in, where the need to constantly refresh our skills so we can adapt and flourish can cause emotions such as anxiety. This can deeply impact our quality of life. We want everyone to be able to embrace the future and feel you have the support to thrive. That is why we are also aligning with Mental Health Awareness Week whose official theme is ‘anxiety’. 

For Learning at Work Week, we are going to do a daily lunch n learn via Teams for all staff with a different subject and speaker every day. 



Horizon Leisure is celebrating Learning at Work Week by launching our new Horizon Academy. Throughout the week, we will be offering a calendar of bite-sized learning, to showcase the academy at both our Havant and Waterlooville centres. Utilising the talent, skill and knowledge we have across the business; our aim is to bring together our operational and support staff teams to: ‘Think future’ by sharing ideas, understanding our teams’ aspirations, and discussing the businesses future, be ‘Future fit’ by helping our teams be both physically and mentally fit, and gain ‘Future skills’ by brushing up on the essentials or learning a new skill.


Learning at work week was such a success last year, that we are pleased to be supporting it again in 2023! This year our employees can look forward to a variety of events both online and face to face, to support personal and professional growth. We are committed to helping each and every one of our employees to develop and progress their careers and we hope the events and activities during Learning at Work Week support this fully.  


We will be having different events the whole week, such as presentations from different service internal and external partners with regards to how they create future learning and support. We also have some staff talking about their career pathways and advising staff on learning opportunities. We will also be having stalls during Learning at Work Week with poster displays and staff showcasing their service and learning opportunities for staff. There will be discussion boards to ask staff about the learning and development they would like from the education team, supervision sessions and quizzes. 


Konica Minolta, Business Solutions UK, is celebrating Learning at Work Week for the first time this year. Promoting the benefits of lifelong learning, encouraging our colleagues to share, collaborate and explore the range of resources and learning available. We’re hosting a week of themed days - Your Development, Your Career, Wellbeing, Belonging, Sharing and Being a Better Learner. A great mix of content which we hope will offer something for everyone to get involved in, as learning is uncovered throughout the week.


We're celebrating Learning at Work Week for the second year running here at Keyloop. We have inspirational keynotes from renowned Futurist, Gerd Leonhard and Automotive Marketing expert, Rachael Prasher as well as masterclasses including Ukrainian for beginners, Dog Training and Keeping You Cyber Safe run by colleagues across Keyloop. Following on from the success of last year's Doodle Challenge, we're launching our Creative Challenge for 2023 encouraging Keyloopers to get creative in whatever form they like such as sculpting, drawing, singing and dancing. We also have a Scavenger Hunt planned to raise awareness of the different learning opportunities available to all Keyloopers.



We are running a range of events to support colleagues with their digital skills, career planning and awareness, and coaching and mentoring, and highlighting the various opportunities that already exist at the University to support our colleagues' development.  


For this year’s 'Create the future' themed LAW week, Equivo are running a number of interactive workshops, seminars, panel discussions and interviews covering a wide variety of topics ranging from commercial awareness (ESG) to Challenging conversations to managing change.  As this week also coincides with Mental Health Awareness Week, we are also facilitating several drop ins and mental Health workshops to help further support our colleagues and friends. We are looking forward to a very exciting week ahead.  


We are fully embracing the theme this year with a variety of sessions covering senior leader career reflections, transferrable skills, apprenticeships, Eco Homes, your carbon footprint, volunteering, backyard chickens, coaching and a range wellbeing and hobby activities and so much more. Overall, we are offering 28 sessions across the week.


There will be two key events and resources to support individuals achieve their career aspirations at the University of Surrey. Each day will have a different focus, and an editable schedule has been released so teams can create their own Learning at Work Week.  We have a sustainability masterclass on 'Practicing Change and Developing Skills to Achieve Human and Ecological Wellbeing.'  Our second event is a mindfulness session about how to embed mindfulness in your daily work and what is needed for HEIs to become mindful workplaces.


To support the Learning at Work Week theme ‘Create the Future’, we are offering a free Training Needs toolkit to help you identify future training needs.  We will be hosting some Leadership Bites webinars, where we will be asking about the skills required of our future leaders as well as discounts on courses booked during LAWW23.   


We are launching a Daily Communication Campaign to include the new Essential Digital Skills Framework. These are shared messages working with Human Resources Organisational Development and Union Learn. We are also sign-posting the work of the libraries and other help platforms that all staff can access.  The communications also introduce Champion Communities as places where we can learn and support each other together. This is an innovative approach for the Council and one that we can see helping staff with knowledge, skills, and communication.  A new training room will also soon be made available in Civic Hall, kitted out for the delivery of digital skills learning, so there will be a return to the classroom, to ensure a wholistic approach to developing new skills.


Careers Wales's theme for Learning at Work Week is 'Create the Future - Being Active and Collaborative Learners.' The LAWW programme is packed with two weeks of exciting sessions, open for all staff to enrol. The sessions include stories from staff on how learning has helped their career e.g. Project Management, British Sign Language, and the Welsh Language.  There will even be an opportunity for staff to learn simple Ukrainian phrases, as well as sessions on improving digital skills such as using QR codes, and Health and Wellbeing sessions, such as desk-based exercises and how confidence can grow from learning.  



For learning at work week our adult learning team has organised several events for council colleagues so they can try something new and enjoyable! There is something for everyone. We have a great range of events including arts, crafts, cookery and well being. These include Zentangling, hearing about Dementia Friends and making samosas.  


 We're offering our 35 staff a combination of curated learning, face to face sessions and online discussions: one a day. We're focusing on 'creating our future self'. Topics will cover 'how we learn', 'leadership and followership', 'being a positive bystander’, and our individual impact on the climate. We'll be doing blogs and vlogs during the week on how our staff use various methods of learning to suit their preferences.  We’re excited to be a part of the week for the first time. 


TUI is actively participating in Learning at Work Week by offering various learning sessions that align with the future theme. These sessions are aimed at helping colleagues learn new skills, enhance their existing ones, and foster connections between team members. TUI is committed to providing a learning-friendly environment both virtually and face to face that encourages personal and professional growth, and the Learning at Work Week is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our commitment to learning and development. 


Hodge Bank will be kicking off L@WW by sending colleagues a questionnaire and SMART goals templates for colleagues to use to better understand their learning style better and explore what they want to achieve within their role. Hodge will also be sharing stories from colleagues across the business, gaining an insight into how L&D has helped them build their future. As well as sharing their experiences of how undertaking professional courses has benefited them both personally and professionally. Hodge are also sharing inspirational TED Talks to enable the business to develop their skills no matter what role they are in.


 The 2023 theme Create the Future aligns perfectly with the launch of our organisation strategy, so we are fully embracing the opportunity to showcase what we want to do and how we want to do it, giving all staff a clear and joined up picture of our ways of working. We are hosting a range of online and in-person events (10 total) including desk yoga, taking ownership of your career and development, how the council is acting on climate change, accessing our learning resources, the benefits of staff networks and undertaking an apprenticeship.  



Supply Chain Sustainability School is a FREE learning and development online platform aimed at those working or aspiring to work within the built environment industry. Sign up for free this spring to take advantage of a host of sustainability training, networking, e-learning modules, tailored assessments, action plans and a library of over 3,000 online resources. Register here to begin your sustainability journey.



We are increasing awareness of learning opportunities within the business, gathering ideas and input on what we can do better, sharing stories about our team and how they have developed and providing various learning opportunities through the week. 


At QA we understand the power of learning and have created a series of events where we talk about different challenges that learners and companies might face and how to solve them. We'll be hosting a series of free events including a panel discussion with industry experts such as Microsoft, BT, NIIT and QinetiQ, a masterclass on Data Literacy and 2 free sessions on AWS for Cloud and Google for Data. Stay tuned! We'll be publishing on our LinkedIn page throughout the week. 


365Tribe delivers a Microsoft 365 Fully Managed Digital Champions Programme for Global Clients. As part of the Programme Champions learn a range of Microsoft 365 App related skills and are encouraged to share these skills with colleagues to help drive Digital Transformation. Champions receive 5 Mentor Points for each colleague they help.  This year for the entire month of May to coincide with LAWW, Champions from all our Programmes can collect double Mentor Points for each colleague they help/support/teach about Microsoft 365 and the Digital Workplace. Champions with the most Mentor Points collected will enter our Prize Draw.     Internally we are running our own Power Platform Day, sharing a range of knowledge and skills internally and using these findings to drive our future thinking Digital Champions Programmes forward. 


We're releasing a video each day with a LEGO Serious Play challenge to get businesses creating their future (and having fun) through LEGO. 


Are you ready to take your business skills to the next level and Create the Future? Look no further than our free online training program for LAWW 2023! Our e-learning offers a wide range of certified courses, whether you're looking to enhance soft skills, improve cybersecurity, or learn about innovation and growth, we’ve got what you need to succeed. Just register by 21st May, and you'll have access to a wealth of training resources to help reach your full potential. Don't miss this opportunity to supercharge your career and make a difference in your industry. Sign up today


We are showcasing a Learning at Work week webpage on our internal staff intranet 'DORIS'. Promoting all learning ideas and opportunities from around our trust.


A love of learning helps people and places thrive....this is at the heart of our Learning at Work Week. We are using this week to share learning stories from across the Trust.  Our L&D team are running a series of webinars where we can explore our learning and development offer, promoting 70:20:10. Head office takeover Wednesday, workshops and a dedicated hub for our people to access a range of resources to inspire learning everyday, across all our special places. 


Here are at Progress we value training all year round, but this year we have combined Learning at Work Week 'Create the Future' and Mental Health Awareness Week to offer a variety of learning opportunities both online and in person for our staff that support both themes.  These include opportunities to develop our current and aspiring managers and support the personal development of our teams alongside a number of courses to support mental health and well-being.

Through the "Plant the Seed" campaign, SweetTree are nurturing a culture of learning at work. Employees will earn badges as they complete courses, with the incentive of a £50 voucher for the winner. To symbolise the commitment to learn, teams have planted a seed that will be a visual representation of their own worth this week. 


This year at Ark we are taking part in Learning at Work Week for the first time, however, we are very excited to host a range of opportunities for our Central Office staff. The Professional Learning Team have taken this invitation personally and have put together an offer for a Learning at Work Month instead. From the 15th of May to the 16th of June, we have a learning extravaganza on offer aimed to show off the outstanding skills we have here at Ark with internally led expert workshops, insights from our wonderful students, excuses to collaborate over a coffee and so much more. All of those are in addition to the core development programmes and workshops we already have available to our staff.  It wouldn't be Ark if we didn't include a challenge, so we are encouraging all staff to Keep Learning (one of our core values) and try as many of our different activities as possible, with some mystery prizes to be won in our learning bingo extravaganza. 


At Haulfryn we have a full schedule of events across the week, broken down into hourly learning sessions. These range from bee-keeping and Yoga to more business focused sessions on navigating Sharepoint and Apprenticeships. The individual sessions are either virtual or face to face across our Holiday and Residential Parks in England and Wales and all delivered by volunteers within our teams across the estate. Each day is also themed with a big focus on Thursday, Mental Health Awareness Day. 


Interflora British Unit 

We are really excited to be linking our annual learning festival 'GROWFEST' with Learning at Work Week running from 15-21 May!   GROWFEST is a weeklong learning event for all employees. Its purpose is simply to encourage us all to learn something new that week, think about how to become a lifelong learner and support personal growth.   This year's theme has been inspired by Learning at Work. We want to cover topics that celebrate difference and touch on diversity and inclusion, so our internal theme is 'Create the future by embracing difference'.  We have a mixture of live and virtual sessions for colleagues to attend, there will also be recommended podcasts and bitesize learning to get involved with.      

Monday - recommended podcasts and games.    
Tuesday - 'Tastes of the world' - A hands-on virtual cooking experience    
Wednesday - 'When life gives you lemons' - a Mediterranean Theme Celebrating Southern Italy, Hands on Pottery Painting Class   
Thursday - 'Blossoming from within' where our guest speaker will discuss the concept of planting the seeds of EDI awareness and how they blossom into a more inclusive community with the sense of belonging at its core.    
Friday - 'Look out for yourself and others' - a mental health awareness session.   


QHS recognises the benefits of bringing employees from different parts of the business together, along with partner organisations in, to learn from each other, as well as drawing on our employees' own knowledge, passions and interests to create engaging activities and wider sharing and collaboration in the workplace.


To help us create the future of work collectively, here at iProov we’ve planned a series of engaging and educational initiatives, the first of which is the launch of a new company initiative named ‘iProov Nuggets’. This aims to provide colleagues with the opportunity to share ‘golden nuggets’ of valuable insights, tips, knowledge, and information with their peers, helping to foster a culture of continuous learning. Additionally, we’re running a series of webinars (hybrid and fully remote, to ensure colleagues who work in different time zones can attend) on topics such as machine learning, the spectrum of identity assurance and unconscious bias. Outside of this, we’re also holding discussions and sharing information on whether Artificial Intelligence has Emotional Intelligence as well as holding a bake-off, raising money for the Mental Health Foundation, and building awareness of a sacred Buddhist celebration, Vesak (Wesak) day. Finally, we will finish off the week by providing tools and tips to help our colleagues with their financial well-being.


We've created a rich and varied programme of courses for our teams to explore. Topics range from Theory of Change and Operations Excellence through to consulting essentials such as structured problem solving and PowerPoint Perfection!