Draw the future!

The Learning at Work Week 2023 Doodle Challenge

It's time to sharpen your pencils and flex your felt tips for the 2023 Learning at Work Week Doodle Challenge.  

Starting from Monday 15th May you and colleagues can try our five daily drawing challenges below – whether it’s a quick sketch, doodle, scribble, a cartoon or something more detailed. 

Have a go and if you’re happy to share your drawings, we’ll enter you for the prize draw with a chance to win creative art gift vouchers!  

The challenge launches on 15th May 2023 and terms and conditions will be published at the beginning of May.


Organising the Doodle Challenge in your organisation?  Download the Daily Doodle Challenge banner and daily challenges and share how to enter and the terms and conditions for the prize draw  - see below! 

Learning at Work Week 2023 Daily Doodle Challenges  

Draw 1: Rise of the machines 
Technology is all around us. Draw the device that you can’t live without or one that you’d like to see.    

Draw 2: Build the future 
Where will we live and work in years to come? Doodle an imagined building of the future.   

Draw 3: Motivational mug 
Need a nudge to reach a goal? Draw a mug with an inspirational message on it.  

Draw 4: Yearn to learn  
Is there something you’d really like to learn? Draw a skill you’d like to have or a hobby you’d like to do.  

Draw 5: Moving forward 
What will our future transport look like? Sketch something that will take us on a short or long trip. 


Why doodle?  

Lots of reasons! Doodles are an immediate way to be creative, expressive and visualise and share ideas. They are a great way to start to get better at drawing. There’s research to show doodling helps us focus on a current situation by keeping us from day-dreaming or not paying attention and improving what we remember. Doodles can help us and others to learn too when we use them to present information visually to improve understanding, make new connections and to help us memorise. Doodling can also help us relax and destress according to scientists who’ve studied its effect on the brain.  


Everyone can doodle!  

Your doodle can be anything from a few lines and a quick sketch to something more developed - everything counts! It’s not unusual to feel self-conscious about drawing but we can all make marks with a pencil or pen on paper and that’s what the challenge is looking for.  


How to take part in the Doodle Challenge and enter the Learning at Work Week Doodle Challenge prize draw   

1) Create a doodle or doodles for any of the Daily Doodle Challenges   

2) Share your doodle by doing one of the following:   

Either share your Daily Doodle Challenge drawing on twitter – to enter the prize draw you must include in your tweet @lawweekwire along with the hash tag #lawwdoodlechallenge   


Email [email protected]  with a copy of your Daily Doodle   

3) Daily Doodle Challenge entries for any of the days' themes must be received by 12pm on Monday 23rd May 2023.

The first five entries drawn from the prize draw can choose a prize from the list below. We will take the first doodle you submit as entry into the prize draw but draw and share as many doodles as you like!    

Prizes in the prize draw   

Everyone submitting a doodle will be eligible for the prize draw where five winners will be drawn at random.   

Five winners will receive a £30 voucher to spend on creative goodies. 


Terms and conditions

Read the full terms and conditions for the Learning at Work Doodle Challenge Prize Draw.